Joshua Aguilar - Diario Emprendedor

  • Date

    May 27, 2014

  • Client

    Joshua Aguilar

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  • Website


Josuha A. Aguilar an entrepreneur, businessman and spanish writer, made this talk in order to show to UPF students his new Entrepreneurship Diary.
He had created different types of international business since the age of 24.
Because of his experience he published in an independent way a short version of his new book on iTunes Store, some months later, his book had had more than 1.000 daily downloads.
This amazing Diary is a global bestseller about self-help and personal finances thought to help entrepreneurs and businessmen to achieve their goals. Joshua showed us his work written with his own style: simple, amusing and creative.

During the meeting, students were up to share their favourite phrases with #DiarioEmprendedor or #JoshuaAguilar hashtags. Some of the most tweeted quotes were: “Don’t search out of you, everything is inside us”, “The loser link the others success with luck, the winners train their abilities in order to reach their objectives” and “Don’t go to sleep until you are a little better than yesterday”.

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