Joan Vergés - How I created one of the most important consulting companies of Barcelona

The event organised by UPF Entrepreneurship Society with the collaboration of Pompeu Consulting Club, took place the 3th of June of 2014/15 in the Campus Ciutadella of Pompeu Fabra University.

During the talk, Joan Vergés, co-founder of Europraxis company, made a deep description of the entrepreneurship vision about how to execute, perform and always keep moving. Then he focused about what mean to create a consulting firm. All his advices were made by his own experience in the areas of finance and economics.

Joan Vergés is a entrepreneur graduated in Telecommunications Engineering witn an MBA from IESE. He has a long way in the consulting world, starting in “The MAC Group”, he decided to left it in order to create with some colleagues their own new and ambitious project in the consulting world: Europraxis. Nowadays, it is inside the multinational Indra, with the name of Indra Business Consulting, a real global consulting company.

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