INNY - Joves models de futur

UPF students!

Many different young leaders met with a single objective; to inspire and motivate other young people to be proactive through sharing previous experiences

Most Excellent our guests were:

ALBERT SOLÀ: media icon, also known as the “Intern” of the station Ràdio Flaixbac.

SARA GIM: ex-professional dancer and social entrepreneur, Sara developed an App for the full integration of people with hearing problems in the world tourism: Prometteo. She has a degree in Business Administration and Tourism and has been highlighted for her participation in projects such as the Madrid and Yuzz Banesto, which brought together young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

PEACE CARBONELL: hockey player and previous coach. At 18, he participated in the 2012 Special Olympics in South Korea as a coach of a team of 16 boys and girls whom had disabilities.

HUMBERT CLOTET: one of the most internationally renowned Catalan models, and a creator of project FIU Barcelona, the community of creative youth talent in the city. His career has led him to Milan, London, Los Angeles and New York. He is a regular with 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, and studied design management since his true passion is to become a Design Manager.

At the end of the talk was a networking session with members of INNY

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