Start-Up Jump

  • Date

    February 25, 2015

  • Client

    InboundCycle, Kantox, RedCode & Tandem Social

  • Categories
  • Website


Are you creative? Do you have strategic ideas? Would you like to work or practice in a Start-Up? This event connected students to the world of UPF growing start-ups taking place in our city. Students participated in and networked during a collaboration of the following top start-ups.

Kantox explained how they revolutionized the world of foreign exchange market trading. In just four years, the volume of transactions has exceeded 1 billion dollars!

InboundCycle is one of the top 20 agencies providing consulting and business services for inbound marketing worldwide. They are currently ranked first in Best Places to Work 2014 SMEs in Spain.

Tandem Social
Tandem Social is a worldwide consultancy service who realize projects with a high social impact, and are a representative of the Social Business City in Barcelona. At the workshop, students had the opportunity to address, propose and assist in implementation of new strategies that would reach City Council.

REDCODE is a strategic marketing consultancy and creative agency that combines analytical and rational dimension through story sharing. They aim to build meaningful stories to keep brands relevant and have many success stories like Mercedes-Benz and Unilever.

This was a unique experience to break down barriers and unite us with prominent companies, where students voiced and discovered new ideas and proposals.

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