What We Do

Conferences & Workshops


Our conferences are thought to inspire students with successful stories and change their vision to focus on a future of abundance and opportunities. The objective is to show them not to be scared of becoming an entrepreneur once they have a world changing idea.

With our workshops we invite leading companies that complement the vision of entrepreneurs by teaching them useful skills they need to become a future leader.

Start-Up Jumps


We organise Start-Up Jumps to provide useful tools to students interested in starting a company or business project in the future. To do so we invite 4 Start-Ups from different backgrounds to create workshops where students have to solve an issue they had or they currently have. By doing so we involve students in managing a Start-Up and we train them in a problem solving and a “can do” attitude.

E-Society Challenge


E-Society Challenge is a full weekend experience that puts together multidisciplinary students to create new business ideas. During that process students will learn how to create a company and will get involved in a very fun and high pressure process with mentors, investors and sponsors that will help them all over the weekend.

Get involved and your idea might become a real Start-Up!

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What we believe in

At UPF Entrepreneurship Society we believe that we are living in a day and age where you can make your boldest dreams come true. However we are surrounded in a world of negative news where it seems that everything is getting worst. Our mission is to change student’s conversations from one about complaining about problems to one about solving problems and make them see that there is no dream too big and there is no challenge that we cannot overcome.
To do so we make everything possible from inviting the most inspiring entrepreneurs to organising workshops with leading companies and disruptive start-ups and creating challenges to make students start their own companies. By doing so we introduce students in a world of abundance and possibilities hoping that one day they will improve other people’s life through their entrepreneurial projects.


We bring entrepreneurs to inspire students with their successful stories.


We invite leading companies to teach students useful skills to become future leaders.

Start-Up Jumps

We organise Start-Up Jumps where students learn how to manage Start-Ups by solving problems.

E-Society Challenge

During the E-Society Challenge students have the opportunity to create a real Start-Up and become entrepreneurs.

"The talk was fantastic and people were very motivated. I enjoyed a lot!"

Marc Perea, bcnMoments

"We had a lot of fun! People had a lot of energy and willingness to learn!"

Adrian Latorre, El Androide Libre

"The opportunity of inspiring young students follow their passion was amazing!"

Mireia Vidal, Mireia Vidal Clothing